IT Hygiene Assessment

The CrowdStrike® IT Hygiene Assessment provides improved visibility into applications, accessibility and account management within your network, identifying vulnerabilities, missing patches, unprotected devices and weak security settings so you can proactively safeguard your network before a breach occurs.

The Challenge

Common IT misconfigurations continue to be the root cause of many security breaches. Groups with too many permissions, unpatched systems, unprotected endpoint devices and excessive administrative rights are frequently exploited by hackers.

Weak </br>IT Settings

IT Settings

Hackers constantly try to exploit weak IT configuration settings.

Common IT Misconfigurations

Common IT Misconfigurations

Common IT misconfigurations continue to be the root cause of many security breaches.

Excessive </br>Access Rights

Access Rights

Groups with too many permissions and excessive administrative rights are exploited by hackers.

The Benefits of an IT Hygiene Assessment

Enhanced Cybersecurity Posture

Proactively strengthen your cybersecurity posture across your entire IT network.

Visibility to IT Assets

Gain real-time and historical visibility into assets and applications running in your network’s environment.

Discovery of User Privileges

Discover user activity and hidden privileged accounts within your Active Directory.

Experienced a Breach?

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What CrowdStrike Delivers

Understanding what programs and processes are being utilized can help prepare you to defend them in the event of an attack. Identifying and reporting unauthorized systems and applications enables you to address security issues proactively.


Detect vulnerable applications by gaining insight into unpatched or unauthorized applications being used in your environment.


Remediate unprotected rogue systems by detecting unmanaged endpoints within your network.


Prevent Active Directory abuse by monitoring administrator credentials across your entire network.

Why CrowdStrike?



CrowdStrike’s experienced incident responders working with CrowdStrike industry-leading threat intelligence provide deep insight into the vulnerabilities being exploited in today’s sophisticated attacks.



The CrowdStrike Falcon® platform delivers immediate real-time visibility into activity across your IT environment, identifying potential compromises and vulnerabilities for remediation.



The Services team uses Falcon Discover and Falcon Spotlight to identify unauthorized systems and applications across your entire environment, discovering vulnerabilities in applications and operating systems in real time.