2021 CrowdStrike Global Security Attitude Survey

2,200 IT decision-makers from around the world answer the pressing questions about cybersecurity in today’s increasingly complex threat environment.

The 2021 CrowdStrike Global Security Attitude Survey.

It’s CrowdStrike’s fourth annual global survey from the independent research firm Vanson Bourne.

The survey, conducted with IT decision-makers from around the world, spotlights the increasingly complex challenges security professionals confront in their daily work.

From an increase in the number of attack vectors.

To a slow erosion of trust in long-time suppliers and legacy technology providers, including Microsoft.

From an increase in security incidents related to at-home work.

To a rise in average ransomware payments and extortion fees.

It’s compelling reading.

And, an important step toward helping your organization understand the challenges you face every single day.


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