Technology Threat Landscape Webcast


Mitigating the threats and risks facing the Technology Industry

Technology drives nearly every aspect of business and society. Love it or hate it, its  rapid adoption is here to stay. As adversaries use  an ever expanding tool chest of tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) with growing sophistication dynamic IT environments  are increasingly vulnerable to bad actors.  Join Crowdstrike for a deep-drive of the adversaries targeting the technology sector and learn how to leverage threat intelligence as as a critical part of your cyber security strategy.

Hear from Derek Buchanan, CrowdStrike’s EMEA Threat Intel Advisor, as he discusses the e-crime attacks targeting the Technology industry. Topics include:

  • The threat landscape in the Technology Industry
  • Guidance for securing the uniquely dynamic IT environments in this sector 
  • How to mitigate against the latest attacks

Featured Speakers

Derek Buchanan

EMEA Threat Intel Advisor, CrowdStrike

Derek Buchanan has over 14 years of experience, Derek Buchanan is an expert in threat intelligence. He was, among other things, intelligence manager for the public sector, he was in charge of operations security within a large international financial group and developed a threat intelligence program for a company known worldwide in the field of cloud archiving of emails. Derek holds a Masters in Cyber Crime investigation and Digital Forensics from the University of Dublin.


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