Lasselsberger Case Study

The family-owned Lasselsberger Group is a Eurasian producer of raw materials, building materials and ceramic tiles. Clearly structured into the three divisions Ceramics, Minerals and Building Materials, the production sites in Central and Eastern Europe supply not only the local home markets but also many international markets — especially in Western Europe.

Thanks to the continuous expansion of product supplies to companies in a wide range of industries (such as fiberglass, paper or refractory), the Lasselsberger Group is becoming increasingly independent of developments in the construction or building materials industry.

Market leadership in many areas, combined with decades of production tradition and long-term secured raw material reserves, ensure the successful growth of the entire Group.

According to Mario Hinterndorfer, Head of Group IT Infrastructure, Lasselsberger faced various challenges in the area of IT security that called for urgent action: “Before CrowdStrike, we did not feel that we were sufficiently protected against ransomware and modern attacks. And of course, after the shift from a no-cloud strategy to an almost complete cloud-first approach, cloud security is a very important issue for us.”


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