Cundall Case Study

Gone are the days when Lou Lwin, CIO at engineering consultancy Cundall, worried he might get a cyberattack alert at 2 a.m. on a Saturday. He still might get an alert, but only to let him know CrowdStrike has already spotted and addressed an incident. “CrowdStrike gives me the comfort and satisfaction that active security protection is in place,” said Lwin. “It has already dealt with the problem and that is quite a different concept than before.”

Using CrowdStrike sets Cundall apart as one of the more advanced organizations in an industry that typically lags behind other sectors in IT and cybersecurity adoption.

Cundall is a global multi-disciplinary engineering and design consultancy offering a range of civil and structural engineering, building services, and specialty services such as acoustics and geotechnology, heating and ventilation. Cundall had already developed a strong security infrastructure with robust perimeter, email and web protection. However, endpoint security was one area that needed improvement. Tools such as antivirus and antimalware were doing an adequate job, but were time and resource heavy, while threats were getting more frequent and sophisticated


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