Falcon Discover: IT Hygiene to Prepare & Prevent

Falcon Discover allows you to quickly identify and eliminate malicious or noncompliant activity by providing unmatched real-time visibility into the devices, users and applications in your network.
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Why Choose Falcon Discover

  • Unlimited Visibility

    Unlimited Visibility

    Monitor everything from one convenient, powerful dashboard, and quickly dive in to explore applications, accounts and assets using real-time and historical data.

  • Immediate Data to Repel Attacks

    Immediate Data to Repel Attacks

    Get contextual information for all of your systems instantly, utilizing dashboards, graphs, charts and search functionality to drill down into supporting data.

  • Zero Impact on Performance

    Zero Impact on Performance

    Leverage the single lightweight CrowdStrike Falcon® agent to keep your systems and users free to do their jobs.

Technical Features

Expansive, Efficient Visibility to Strengthen Your Security Posture

falcon discover dashboard

Application Inventory

  • Understand all applications running in your environment, and search to see versions, hosts and users
  • Pinpoint unprotected and unmanaged applications that may pose a risk
  • Manage non-compliance and license costs by tracking application usage
  • Identify potentially suspicious apps in your network

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falcon discover asset inventory dashboard

Asset Management

  • Explore detailed inventory of managed and rogue systems, and see which assets could easily be covered by the Falcon agent
  • Gain clarity via BitLocker to see which hosts are encrypted
  • Monitor asset inventory to help achieve, maintain and prove compliance requirements

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falcon discover account monitoring dashboard

Account Monitoring

  • See who’s on your network at all times
  • Track use of administrator credentials to detect if they’re being used inappropriately
  • Monitor log-on time trends and session length to identify unusual behavior
  • Assess password update timelines to improve security and compliance

WATCH: Making 60-minute Remediation a Reality

Technical Center

For technical information on the installation and policy configuration of Falcon Discover, please visit the CrowdStrike Tech Center.

  • Technical Center
  • Technical Center
  • Technical Center
Getting Started with Falcon Discover

Product Validation

Customers Trust CrowdStrike

Third-Party Validation

Since 2016, CrowdStrike has demonstrated a strong commitment to continuous industry collaboration, scrutiny, and testing. Time and time again, CrowdStrike has been independently certified to replace legacy solutions.

  • Awards Top Scores

    CrowdStrike Falcon delivered 100% protection and usability along with superior performance compared to industry averages in a June 2019 assessment conducted by independent research institute AV-TEST.

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  • Grants AAA Rating for Third Time in 2019

    CrowdStrike Falcon has received the AAA rating in SE Labs’ analysis of endpoint security products for Q1, Q2 and Q3 2019.

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  • Total Economic Impact

    This Forrester report commissioned by CrowdStrike found that organizations demonstrated an ROI of 316%, with millions in savings.

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Visit our third-party evaluations page to see how CrowdStrike performed against the industry’s most rigorous tests and trials.

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