CrowdStrike Falcon® Device Control
The world’s leading AI-native platform for unified USB device control

Stop internal threats and minimize external risks from USB devices with one agent.

USB device management is a high-risk balancing act

Threat actors can abuse abundantly available USB devices as an initial threat vector and as a means for data exfiltration. Analysts struggle to manage removable media due to multiple compounding factors that may lead to an incident.

Prevalent and risky

USB devices are ubiquitous — and one study shows 45% of people will plug in a found device1

Limited context and visibility

Analysts are left in the dark to internal and external threat actor data exfiltration actions, increasing organizational risk

Cumbersome to manage

Using device control processes across multiple products and vendors can lead to misconfigurations and risk

Why choose Falcon Device Control?

Mitigate USB device risk

Gain the insights and granular control required to enable safe USB device use and protect against both external and internal threats across the organization.

Achieve automatic threat visibility

Enhance visibility of USB device use and activity to monitor, proactively hunt, and investigate data loss incidents through comprehensive user activity context, deep file visibility, and automatic source code identification.

Streamline policy management

Efficiently manage policies through intuitive dashboards, without the need for additional endpoint agents, software, or hardware to manage.

Key outcomes: impact quantified


Cloud-delivered device control


Number of source code languages for USB data loss ML detections


One agent, one console, and one platform

Falcon Device Control features


Effortless visibility

Gain comprehensive USB file metadata visibility and activity context to help identify data loss and exfiltration activities. Analysts can hunt and investigate with detailed user and device information along with comprehensive file provenance, ZIP archive introspection, Microsoft sensitivity labels, data type, and volume being transferred.

Source code identification

Detect USB device source code movement and exfiltration incidents using industry-leading machine learning across over 40+ source code languages.

Precise and granular control

Implement granular access rights to ensure that only approved external USB devices are used in your estate. Simplified policy workflows accelerate creation and allow analysts to test policy impacts prior to enforcement, eliminating potential disruption.

Seamless integration

Augment Falcon Prevent next-gen antivirus and extend capabilities further with Falcon Insight XDR extended detection and response — all through one agent and one platform, across Windows and macOS systems.

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Gain visibility into USB data exfiltration with Falcon Device Control

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Gain visibility into USB data exfiltration with Falcon Device Control

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