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The CrowdStrike Falcon platform simply and effectively protects all Microsoft Azure workloads, including containers
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Why Choose Falcon for Azure

  • Automatically discover Azure workload footprints

    Automatically discover Azure workload footprints

    Gain insight into the scope and nature of your Azure resources, so you can secure all virtual machines, uncover and mitigate risks, and reduce the attack surface

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    Comprehensive visibility

    Comprehensive visibility into Azure workload events and virtual machine metadata enables detection, response, proactive threat hunting and investigation, to ensure that nothing goes unseen in your cloud environments

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    Reduce complexity

    Key integrations support continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) workflows, allowing you to secure Azure workloads at the speed of DevOps without sacrificing performance


How Falcon Protects Azure Workloads

azure workloads dashboard in the falcon platform


  • Provides insight into your Azure virtual machine footprint, so you can secure all workloads, uncover and mitigate risks, and reduce the attack surface
  • Automatically discovers existing virtual machine deployments — without installing an agent — by enumerating Azure virtual machines
  • Provides real-time information about workloads, including context-rich metadata about virtual machines by state, type, region and resource group, as well as public-facing virtual machines, total storage, virtual networks and security group information for Azure
  • Identifies virtual machine resources that are not protected by the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform

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execution details in the falcon platform


  • Gathers metadata at the Azure virtual machine level to easily identify owners of resources involved in an alert
  • Continuously monitors events to provide visibility into workload activities, including activities running inside containers; a full set of enriched data and event details enables investigations against ephemeral and decommissioned workloads
  • Offers proactive threat hunting across virtual machines and endpoints from the same console
  • Detects and investigates attacks that span multiple environments and different types of workloads, pivoting from endpoint to virtual machine to containers

DEMO: How CrowdStrike Increases Container Visibility

container images dashboard in the falcon platform


  • Secures the Azure host and container via a single Falcon agent running on the host, and runtime protection defends containers against active attacks
  • Investigate container incidents easily when detections are associated with the specific container and not bundled with the host events
  • Captures container start, stop, image and runtime information, and all events generated inside the container, even if it only runs for a few seconds
  • Container support includes Open Container Initiative (OCI)-based containers such as Docker, orchestration platforms such as self-managed Kubernetes, and hosted orchestration platforms such as AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service) and OpenShift
  • Provides visibility into container footprint including on-premises and Azure deployments, so you can easily view container usage — including trends, uptime, images used and configuration — to identify risky and misconfigured containers

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detections dashboard filtering for linux


  • Combines the best and latest technologies to protect against active attacks and threats when Azure workloads are the most vulnerable — at runtime
  • Includes custom indicators of attack (IOAs), whitelisting and blacklisting to tailor detection and prevention
  • Offers integrated threat intelligence to block known malicious activities and delivers the complete context of an attack, including attribution
  • Provides 24/7 managed threat hunting to ensure that stealthy attacks don’t go undetected

VIDEO: How CrowdStrike Protects Linux Hosts



Built in the cloud for the cloud, Falcon eliminates friction to boost cloud security efficiency.

  • Powerful APIs allow automation of CrowdStrike Falcon® functionality, including detection, management, response and intelligence
  • Chef and Puppet integrations support CI/CD workflows
  • It operates with only a tiny footprint on the Azure host and has almost zero impact on runtime performance, even when analyzing, searching and investigating
  • Flexible consumption-based and annual-based subscription models support agile business planning

Product Validation

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Third-Party Validation

Since 2016, CrowdStrike has demonstrated a strong commitment to continuous industry collaboration, scrutiny, and testing. Time and time again, CrowdStrike has been independently certified to replace legacy solutions.

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