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An integrated cloud-scale framework for IT and Security Workflow Orchestration and Automation
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The Need for an Integrated SOAR Framework

Why Falcon Fusion?

<strong>Complexity Kills Security Efficacy</strong>

Complexity Kills Security Efficacy

An increasingly complex and growing threat surface, accelerated multi-cloud strategy adoption and the need to support a hybrid and distributed workforce have resulted in:

  • A Complex Stack: 71% of CrowdStrike 2020 Global IT Security Survey respondents reported integration complexity with their existing security stack and an average of 6-8 months to realize solution value
  • A Growing Attack Surface: 82% said they need better contextual data to make their solutions effective across endpoints, workloads, identities and applications in an increasingly diverse environment
  • Talent Shortage: 76% said they need more specialists in order to use their existing security solutions and don’t have enough qualified people to tackle the adversary problem
  • Lack of Intuitive Processes: 80% said that alert fatigue is an issue and most SOC analysts spend time analyzing and responding to multiple and sometimes duplicate alerts across different systems, with no common process or policy in place
<strong>Modernize your SOC and IT Operations</strong>

Modernize your SOC and IT Operations

The Falcon Fusion SOAR framework integrates with the industry-leading CrowdStrike Falcon® platform, allowing you to collect contextually enriched data and automate security operations, threat intelligence and incident response — all in a single platform and through the same console — to mitigate cyberthreats and vulnerabilities

  • Orchestrate and automate complex workflows: Build consistent and customizable workflows for faster active response — all without leaving the console
  • Simplify security operations: Leverage easy-to-use automation of workflows to reduce the need to switch between different security tools and tasks, freeing up time for more business critical tasks
  • Accelerate incident triaging and real-time response: Speed up incident triaging and incident response by configuring custom actions and notifications based on contextual insights from different sources
  • Cut costs and resources: Free up skilled resources and budget scaling workflows on demand, employing no-code automation to create repeatable and reliable processes
  • Build powerful open ecosystem: Seamlessly deploy native and partner applications from the CrowdStrike Store to enrich notification, detection and active response logic

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Features And Capabilities

Improve efficiency. Respond faster.

Understand How Falcon Fusion Works

<strong>Automate Full-cycle Incident Response</strong>

Automate Full-cycle Incident Response

  • Simplify SOC workstreams with speed and accuracy: 1-10-60 challenge with a customizable, intuitive framework built on the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform, using native and partner contextual data
  • Build and run with ease: Set up and run workflows in minutes within the Falcon Fusion workflow builder by simply adding elements to visualize workflow functionality
  • Automate any complex workflow: Gain flexibility to build workflows with any set of triggers, conditions and actions using complex conditional branching and sequencing logic
  • Monitor workflow performance: Monitor automated workflow execution and review workflow updates to achieve unparalleled visibility into performance

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<strong>Power of Enriched Data</strong>

Power of Enriched Data

  • Leverage the CrowdStrike Security Cloud: Benefit from the Security Cloud that is always online, up-to-date and in real time with complete visibility into critical business entities: workloads, endpoints, identities and applications across IaaS, PaaS and SaaS environments
  • Benefit with open ecosystem: Seamlessly deploy partner applications from the CrowdStrike Store to add telemetry that enriches detection and response logic for incident response and customizes notifications on collaboration channels
  • Unify all SOC workflows: Improve the speed and accuracy of response by unifying alerts, workflows and response capabilities under a single console for complete visibility and control
  • Improve consistency and security posture: Build automated workflows based on comprehensive contextual insights to reduce analysts’ threat caseloads, improve consistency and security posture

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Get notified faster

  • Cut through the noise: Build and deploy customized workflows for consistent notifications, faster response times and reduced mean time to remediate threats
  • Minimize alert fatigue: Automate workflows based on threat detections, incidents and audit events so analysts can focus on more important strategic tasks
  • Notify on time: Customize real-time notifications and streamline response to improve efficiency and speed when new threats are detected, incidents are discovered or policies are modified
  • Get customized alerts: Set up and configure customized notifications via plugin applications enabled through the CrowdStrike Store

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<strong>Scale with Consistency and Simplified Management</strong>

Scale with Consistency and Simplified Management

  • Simplify management with unified console: Simplify management and ensure comprehensive coverage through a unified console delivered via the cloud-scale Falcon platform
  • Reduce manual effort: Streamline security processes and reduce manual effort and human errors with repeatable and consistent workflows, using code and no-code options
  • Free up time: Reduce complexity and time by automating redundant and manual tasks to focus SOC analysts' efforts on critical activities
  • Eliminate blind spots: By unifying all alerts, workflows and response capabilities in a single console, you gain complete visibility of your environment

Accelerate your SOC’s Response Time with CrowdStrike

The Benefits

Falcon Fusion is a Force Multiplier for your SOC and IT Operations

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    Automate complex workflows

    Build repeatable and complex work streams through consistent and customizable workflows using intuitive custom code or no-code logic for faster active response capabilities — all without leaving the Falcon console

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    Simplify Security Operations

    Boost the efficiency and efficacy of your security team operations with easy-to-use automation of workflows based on a powerful set of triggers and conditions, and perform any actions with enriched contextual insights

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    Accelerate Incident Response

    Streamline incident response by configuring custom actions and notifications — based on events, triggers and thresholds — to reduce mean time to respond and remediate threat detections

Fusion Included in Falcon Platform

Available for all active licensed customers of the Falcon platform.

  • Fusion Included in Falcon Platform
  • Fusion Included in Falcon Platform
  • Fusion Included in Falcon Platform
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